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This is Day Zero Zero, when you get to choose to reset and access www.BuckyIsBack.com

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Bucky was a true genius.

His life and works have impacted positively billions of people.

You can learn about his work and apply his principles today to benefit you, your business and the planet.

Here you will find links to the daily pages for Bucky Is Back.

We recommend that you look at the pages in order, on each day of Bucky Is Back.

The first page to review fully is Day Zero Zero – this is where you’ll get the right context and approach to Bucky Is Back.

You can find that here => Day 0

Thank you for participating and your interest in Bucky Is Back. In 2014 we had 2 calls in a day, in 2015 we will have four calls a day and there will an exclusive bonus for those people who attend fully and completely every call for the full 14 days (that’s 56 calls in total) and demonstrate their support for the life, times, work and legacy of Bucky Fuller. The details of the bonus will only be shared with those eligible for the bonus next year.

Bucky Is Back Page List

You can find the full index of pages to review and enjoy as part of Bucky Is Back here http://buckyisback.com/agenda/